Probate and Estate Administration

Probate Estate PlanningAt McFadden Bushnell we guide Ohio families through the complicated estate administration process after a death. We assist executors and administrators in property distribution according to a will, trust, or beneficiary designation. Our lawyers also can recommend the most efficient and least costly options, prepare and file all required documents, and identify available allowances for surviving spouses and minor children. Dealing with probate matters is a heart-wrenching experience, but is a required part of the process that comes when dealing with the passing away of a family member. At McFadden Bushnell we take pride in providing compassionate solutions which meet our clients’ goals.

Estate administration is essentially the process of tying up any loose ends that the decedent had before he or she died and transferring assets to future generations according to established wills or estate plans. If an effective estate plan has not been established which designates the individual’s intentions for transferring assets upon death, the state will make these decisions under Ohio’s intestacy laws.

All your probate administration needs

We can also help you sort through creditors of the estate, decide which are entitled to payment and which are not, negotiate valid debts for smaller amounts, and discharge debts in insolvent estates. Whether your estate is small or large, our attorneys will be there for you from start to finish. Some of the areas we can assist our clients with are:

  • Representation of clients in probate court matters.

  • Inventorying and distribution of estate assets and debts.

  • Assisting with Trust Administration.

  • Determining competency, lack of capacity, fraud, and undue influence issues through medical record investigations and witness testimony.

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