Veterans Benefits


“Sometimes asking for help is the most meaningful example of self-reliance.”
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Veterans Benefits Attorney In Cleveland And Northeast Ohio

Caring for aging veterans can often be challenging financially. What many families do not realize is benefits may be available from the Department of Veterans Affairs for both veterans and in some circumstances their spouses, as long as the applicant meets certain financial and service requirements. And even if the applicant has more income or assets than is allowed by the VA, with the help of an attorney it may be possible to still qualify through the use of a trust.

At McFadden Bushnell, we offer our services to veterans and their families in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio. We are here to answer your questions and help you determine if veterans benefits are an option for you.

Aid And Attendance

Aid and Attendance Benefits are available to wartime veterans who are seriously disabled and who have very little income. The benefits are paid in addition to the veteran’s regular pension, and can be used to help pay for assisted living, nursing home or home health care costs.

It may be possible for a family member to be designated as your caregiver, which means the VA would pay him or her the benefits for caring for you. Many family members offer their help at no cost, but with benefits you can compensate your loved one for the care and attention you receive.

Helping You With The Application Process

While you do not need an attorney to apply for your benefits, any mistakes or issues with your application can result in a denial of benefits. Once denied, you must wait for a full year before you re-apply.

Our attorneys can help you ensure that your application is completed correctly, so that you can submit it confidently and obtain your benefits in a timely manner. Please contact us now to get started.